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Folded or Counter Books

Condition and perforation condition are most important on these issues. On the latter the MCC, and therefore Sutton Stamps, use the Loveland scale to describe the perforation condition of each book listed. This is the copyright of the MBPC and is used with their consent. 

For your convenience the Loveland scale is reproduced below.

Booklet panes which have full perforations on all sides with no trace of trimming are described as having full perfs. Panes which do not come into this category are described according to the following code which has been devised to give a complete picture of the state of the perforations on all sides. 
    1.    Full perforations with no trace of trimming 
    2.    Slight trace of trimming
    3.    Perforation trimmed but with more than half remaining
    4.    More extensive trimming with less than half remaining 
    5.    Only traces of perforation still remaining
    6.    Straight edge
    7.    Straight edge very close to or touching the stamps

    -    An intentionally imperforate side
Note that the edges are described by holding the selvedge at the left and describing the edges in a clock-wise order starting at the top.
The description 126 would thus indicate that the 1st edge has full perforations, the second edge has slight trimming and that the last edge is trimmed straight. 

The MCC is grateful to to the MBPC for permission to use the above scale.