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Min. Sheet Packs

Please note that Post & Packing will be charged at COST with a MAXIMUM of £3.10 for UK customers. Overseas customers please be aware that due to the weight of Presentation Packs, Post & Packing may be prohibitive.
2000 SG MS2147 Pack: M03 Stamp Show 2000 Minisheet £19.00Add to Cart

2000 SG MS2161 Pack: M04 The Queen Mother Minisheet £5.00Add to Cart

2001 SG MS2206 Pack: M06 Royal Navy Submarine Service Flags Minisheet £7.00Add to Cart

2001 SG MS2292 Pack: 335 World Cup Football Minisheet £3.60Add to Cart

2002 SG MS2326 Pack: 59 50th Anniversary of Wilding Definitives (1st issue) £12.50Add to Cart

2003 SG MS2367 Pack: 61 50th Anniversary of Wilding Definitives (2nd issue) £4.50Add to Cart

2003 SG MS2416 Pack: M9B England Rugby - World Champions Minisheet £9.00Add to Cart

2005 SG MS2530 Pack: 69 The Castles Definitives Minisheet £3.50Add to Cart

2007 SG MSEN50 Pack: M15 Celebrating England Minisheet £3.10Add to Cart

2012 SG MS3272 Pack: 93 The Diamond Jubilee Definitive stamps £4.50Add to Cart

2007 SG MS2743 Pack: 398 The First Machin Definitives minisheet £3.50Add to Cart

2008 SG MSNI153 Pack: 80 50th Anniversary of Country Definitives Minisheet £7.00Add to Cart

2010 SG MS3024 Pack: M19 Smilers Business and Consumer Miniature Sheet £7.50Add to Cart

2010 SG MS3065 + MS3072 Pack: 441 London 2010 - Accession of King George V £5.50Add to Cart

2007 SG MS2796 Pack: 405 Lest We Forget minisheet- 2nd Issue £4.50Add to Cart

2014 SG MS3578 Pack: 495 Classic Locomotives of Wales £3.90Add to Cart

2015 SG MS3710 Pack: 510 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black £3.50Add to Cart

2015 SG MS3747 Pack: 516 ‘’Long To Reign Over Us’’ - HM Queen Elizabeth II £5.50Add to Cart

2016 SG MS3801v Pack: - Classic GPO Posters £11.00Add to Cart