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SG1308 - SG1474 (1986 Industry Year to 1989 1d Black)

SG12442 - 32p Cotton Mills £0.65Add to Cart

SG1308 - 1986 Industry Year 17p Light Build £0.23Add to Cart

SG1309 - 1986 Industry Year 22p Thermometer £0.46Add to Cart

SG1310 - 1986 Industry Year 31p Garden Hoe £0.66Add to Cart

SG1311 - 1986 Industry Year 34p Loaf of Bread £0.66Add to Cart

SG1312 - 1986 Halley’s Comet 17p Dr. Edmond Halley £0.23Add to Cart

SG1313 - 1986 Halley’s Comet 22p Giotto Spacecraft £0.46Add to Cart

SG1314 - 1986 Halley’s Comet 31p Twice in a Lifetime £0.67Add to Cart

SG1315 - 1986 Halley’s Comet 34p Orbiting £0.66Add to Cart

SG1316-SG1317 - 1986 60th Birthday 17p Se-tenant Pair £0.65Add to Cart

SG1318-SG1319 - 1986 60th Birthday 34p Se-tenant Pair £1.50Add to Cart

SG1320 - 1986 Nature Conservation 17p Barn Owl £0.23Add to Cart

SG1321 - 1986 Nature Conservation 22p Pine Marten £0.42Add to Cart

SG1322 - 1986 Nature Conservation 31p Wild Cat £0.66Add to Cart

SG1323 - 1986 Nature Conservation 34p Toad £0.66Add to Cart

SG1324 - 1324 - 1986 Domesday 17p Peasants £0.23Add to Cart

SG1325 - 1986 Domesday 22p Freemen £0.40Add to Cart

SG1326 - 1986 Domesday 31p Knight & Retainers £0.50Add to Cart

SG1327 - 1986 Domesday 34p Lord at Banquet £0.50Add to Cart

SG1328 - 1986 Commonwealth Games 17p Athletics £0.22Add to Cart

SG1329 - 1986 Commonwealth Games 22p Rowing £0.33Add to Cart

SG1330 - 1986 Commonwealth Games 29p Weightlifting £0.55Add to Cart

SG1331 - 1986 Commonwealth Games 31p Shooting £0.55Add to Cart

SG1332 - 1986 Commonwealth Games 34p Hockey £0.55Add to Cart

SG1333 - 1986 Royal Wedding 12p £0.33Add to Cart

SG1334 - 1986 Royal Wedding 17p £0.47Add to Cart

SG1335 - 1986 Parliamentary Conference 34p £0.60Add to Cart

SG1336 - 1986 Royal Air Force 17p Hurricane £0.23Add to Cart

SG1337 - 1986 Royal Air Force 22p Typhoon £0.40Add to Cart

SG1338 - 1986 Royal Air Force 29p DH 9A £0.55Add to Cart

SG1339 - 1986 Royal Air Force 31p Lancaster £0.66Add to Cart

SG1340 - 1986 Royal Air Force 34p Mosquito £0.66Add to Cart

SG1341 - 1986 Christmas 12p Glastonbury Thorn £0.37Add to Cart

SG1342 - 1986 Christmas 13p Glastonbury Thorn £0.18Add to Cart

SG1342eu - 1986 Christmas 13p underprint £0.23Add to Cart

SG1343 - 1986 Christmas 18p Tanad Valley Plygain £0.24Add to Cart

SG1344 - 1986 Christmas 22p Hebrides Tribute £0.56Add to Cart

SG1345 - 1986 Christmas 31p Dewsbury Church £0.75Add to Cart

SG1346 - 1986 Christmas 34p Hereford Boy Bishop £0.65Add to Cart

SG1347 - 1987 Flowers 18p Blanket Flower £0.23Add to Cart

SG1348 - 1987 Flowers 22p Globe Thistle £0.47Add to Cart

SG1349 - 1987 Flowers 31p Echeveria £0.47Add to Cart

SG1350 - 1987 Flowers 34p Autumn Crocus £0.75Add to Cart

SG1351 - 1987 Sir Isaac Newton 18p Principia Mathematics £0.23Add to Cart

SG1352 - 1987 Sir Isaac Newton 22p Motion of Bodies £0.46Add to Cart

SG1353 - 1987 Sir Isaac Newton 31p Optick Treatise £0.66Add to Cart

SG1354 - 1987 Sir Isaac Newton 34p System of the World £0.67Add to Cart

SG1355 - 1987 Europa - Architects 18p Ipswich £0.24Add to Cart

SG1356 - 1987 Europa - Architects 22p Paris £0.47Add to Cart

SG1357 - 1987 Europa - Architects 31p Stuttgate £0.67Add to Cart

SG1358 - 1987 Europa - Architects 34p Luxembourg £0.67Add to Cart

SG1359 - 1987 St. John Ambulance 18p Ashford Litter £0.24Add to Cart

SG1360 - 1987 St. John Ambulance 22p Blitz Victim £0.48Add to Cart

SG1361 - 1987 St. John Ambulance 31p Volunteer £0.67Add to Cart

SG1362 - 1987 St. John Ambulance 34p Air Wing £0.67Add to Cart

SG1363 - 1987 Order of the Thistle 18p Lord of Lyon £0.24Add to Cart

SG1364 - 1987 Order of the Thistle 22p Heraldic Banner £0.47Add to Cart

SG1365 - 1987 Order of the Thistle 31p Scottish Academy £0.67Add to Cart

SG1367 - 1987 Order of the Thistle 34p Society of Edinburgh £0.67Add to Cart

SG1367 - 1987 Queen Victoria’s Accession 18p Crystal Palace £0.24Add to Cart

SG1368 - 1987 Queen Victoria’s Accession 22p Great Eastern £0.48Add to Cart

SG1369 - 1987 Queen Victoria’s Accession 31p Albert Memorial £0.67Add to Cart

SG1370 - 1987 Queen Victoria’s Accession 34p Diamond Jubilee £0.68Add to Cart

SG1371 - 1987 Studio Pottery 18p Bernard Leach £0.24Add to Cart

SG1372 - 1987 Studio Pottery 26p Elizabeth Fritsch £0.48Add to Cart

SG1373 - 1987 Studio Pottery 31p Lucie Rie £0.68Add to Cart

SG1374 - 1987 Studio Pottery 34p Hans Coper £0.00Add to Cart

SG1375 - 1987 Christmas 13p Decorating the Tree £0.24Add to Cart

SG1376 - 1987 Christmas 18p Waiting £0.23Add to Cart

SG1377 - 1987 Christmas 26p Sleeping Child £0.67Add to Cart

SG1378 - 1987 Christmas 31p Child reading £0.68Add to Cart

SG1379 - 1987 Christmas 34p Child & Snowman £0.68Add to Cart

SG1380 - 1988 Linnean Society 18p Bull-rout £0.24Add to Cart

SG13814 - 1988 Linnean Society 26p Yellow Waterlily £0.55Add to Cart

SG1382 - 1988 Linnean Society 31p Bewick’s Swan £0.58Add to Cart

SG1383 - 1988 Linnean Society 34p Morchella Esculenta`0.58 £0.00Add to Cart

SG1384 - 1988 Welsh Bible 18p Revd W. Morgan £0.24Add to Cart

SG1385 - 1988 Welsh Bible 26p William Salesbury £0.56Add to Cart

SG1386 - 1988 Welsh Bible 31p Bishop R. Davies £0.58Add to Cart

SG1387 - 1988 Welsh Bible 34p Bishop R. Parry £0.00Add to Cart

SG1388 - 1988 Sports 18p Gymnastics £0.24Add to Cart

SG1389 - 1988 Sports 26p Downhill Skiing £0.57Add to Cart

SG1390 - 1988 Sports 31p Tennis £0.00Add to Cart

SG1391 - 1988 Sports 34p Football £0.66Add to Cart

SG1392 - 1988 Europa-Transport & Mail 18p Mallard £0.24Add to Cart

SG1393 - 1988 Europa-Transport & Mail 26p QEII £0.61Add to Cart

SG1394 - 1988 Europa-Transport & Mail 31p Glasgow Tram £0.61Add to Cart

SG1395 - 1988 Europa-Transport & Mail 34p “HP24” £0.61Add to Cart

SG1396-SG1397 - 1988 Australia Bicentenary 18p Se-tenant Pair £0.68Add to Cart

SG1398-SG1399 - 1988 Australia Bicentenary 34p Se-tenant Pair £1.15Add to Cart

SG1400-SG1404 -1988 Armada 18P Se-tenant Strip of Five £1.40Add to Cart

SG1405 - 1988 Edward Lear 19p “Owl & the Pussycat” £0.25Add to Cart

SG1406 - 1988 Edward Lear 27p “Lear as a Bird” £0.48Add to Cart

SG1407 - 1988 Edward Lear 32p “Cat” £0.66Add to Cart

SG1408 - 1988 Edward Lear 35p “There was a young ..” £0.66Add to Cart

SG1414 - 1988 Christmas 14p Journey to Bethlehem £0.24Add to Cart

SG1415 - 1988 Christmas 19p Shepherd & Star £0.25Add to Cart

SG1416 - 1988 Christmas 27p Three Wise Men £0.42Add to Cart

SG1417 - 1988 Christmas 32p Nativity £0.67Add to Cart

SG1418 - 1988 Christmas 35p The Annunciation £0.67Add to Cart

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