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SG1639 - SG1900 (1991 Swans to 1995 Christmas)

SG1639 - 1993 Swans 18p Swans Head £0.33Add to Cart

SG1640 - 1993 Swans 24p Cygnet £0.65Add to Cart

SG1641 - 1993 Swans 28p Nesting pair £0.75Add to Cart

SG1642 - 1993 Swans 33p Eggs £0.94Add to Cart

SG1643 - 1993 Swans 39p Mute Swan £0.94Add to Cart

SG1644-SG1653 - 1993 Greetings “Giving” 1st Booklet Pane of Ten £8.00Add to Cart

SG1654 - 1993 Marine Timekeepers 24p Front View £0.33Add to Cart

SG1655 - 1993 Marine Timekeepers 28p Escapement £0.45Add to Cart

SG1656 - 1993 Marine Timekeepers 33p Balance & Spring £0.55Add to Cart

SG1657 - 1993 Marine Timekeepers 39p Engraved Back £0.60Add to Cart

SG1659 - 1993 Orchids 18p D. hellwigianum £0.25Add to Cart

SG1660 - 1993 Orchids 24p P. maudiae „magnificum‟ £0.33Add to Cart

SG1661 - 1993 Orchids 28p C. Iowianum £0.46Add to Cart

SG1662 - 1993 Orchids 33p V.Rothschildiana £0.60Add to Cart

SG1663 - 1993 Orchids 39p D. vexillarius var. £0.60Add to Cart

SG1767 - Art in 20th Century 24p Henry Moore £0.33Add to Cart

SG1768 - Art in 20th Century 28p Edward Bawden £0.46Add to Cart

SG1769 - Art in 20th Century 33p Stanley Spencer £0.56Add to Cart

SG1770 - 1993 Europa - Art in 20th Century 39p Ben Nicholson £0.60Add to Cart

SG1771 - 1993 Roman Britain 24p Claudius £0.33Add to Cart

SG1772 - 1993 Roman Britain 28p Hadrian £0.46Add to Cart

SG1773 - 1993 Roman Britain 33p Roman £0.56Add to Cart

SG1774 - 1993 Roman Britain 39p Christ £0.60Add to Cart

SG1775 - 1993 Inland Waterways 24p Grand Junction £0.33Add to Cart

SG1776 - 1993 Inland Waterways 28p Stainforth & Keadby £0.46Add to Cart

SG1777 - 1993 Inland Waterways 33p Brecknock £0.56Add to Cart

SG1778 - 1993 Inland Waterways 39p Crinan £0.00Add to Cart

SG1779 - 1993 Autumn 18p Horse Chestnut £0.28Add to Cart

SG1780 - 1993 Autumn 24p Blackberry £0.33Add to Cart

SG1781 - 1993 Autumn 28p Hazel £0.36Add to Cart

SG1782 - 1993 Autumn 1782 33p Rowan £0.46Add to Cart

SG1783 - 1993 Autumn 1783 39p Pear £0.60Add to Cart

SG1784-SG1788 - 1993 Sherlock Holmes 24p Se-tenant Strip of Five £1.85Add to Cart

SG1790 - 1993 Christmas 19p Bob Cratchit £0.26Add to Cart

SG1791 - 1993 Christmas 25p Mr & Mrs Fezziwig £0.35Add to Cart

SG1792 - 1993 Christmas 30p Scrooge £0.46Add to Cart

SG1793 - 1993 Christmas 35p the Prize Turkey £0.55Add to Cart

SG1794 - 1993 Christmas 41p Scrooge‟s Nephew £0.60Add to Cart

SG1795 - 1994 The Age of Steam 19p West Highland Line £0.27Add to Cart

SG1796 - 1994 The Age of Steam 25p Kings Cross £0.35Add to Cart

SG1797 - 1994 The Age of Steam 30p Blyth North £0.45Add to Cart

SG1798 - 1994 The Age of Steam 35p Wigan Central £0.55Add to Cart

SG1799 - 1994 The Age of Steam 41p Worcester & Birmingham £0.60Add to Cart

SG1800-SG1809 - 1994 Greetings - “Messages” 1st Booklet Pane of Ten £8.00Add to Cart

SG1810 - 1994 25th Anniversary of Investiture 19p Castell Y Wan £0.27Add to Cart

SG1811 - 1994 25th Anniversary of Investiture 25p Ben Arkle £0.35Add to Cart

SG1812 - 1994 25th Anniversary of Investiture 30p Mourne Mountains £0.42Add to Cart

SG1813 - 1994 25th Anniversary of Investiture 35p Dersingham £0.50Add to Cart

SG1814 - 1994 25th Anniversary of Investiture 41p Dolwyddelan £0.60Add to Cart

SG1815 - 1994 Postcards 19p Blackpool Tower £0.27Add to Cart

SG1816 - 1994 Postcards 25p “Where’s my little lad?” £0.35Add to Cart

SG1817 - 1994 Postcards 30p “Wish you were here!” £0.41Add to Cart

SG1818 - 1994 Postcards 35p Punch & Judy £0.50Add to Cart

SG1819 - 1994 Postcards 41p Tower Bridge £0.59Add to Cart

SG1820 - 1994 Channel Tunnel 25p Lion and Cockerel £0.35Add to Cart

SG1821 - 1994 Channel Tunnel 25p Hands Across Channel £0.35Add to Cart

SG1822 - 1994 Channel Tunnel 41p Lion and Cockerel £0.65Add to Cart

SG1823 - 1994 Channel Tunnel 41p Hands Across Channel £0.65Add to Cart

SG1824-SG1828 - 1994 50th Anniversary of D-Day 25p Se-tenant Strip of Five £2.40Add to Cart

SG1829 - 1994 Golf 19p St. Andrews £0.26Add to Cart

SG1830 - 1994 Golf 25p Muirfield £0.35Add to Cart

SG1831 - 1994 Golf 30p Carnoustie £0.41Add to Cart

SG1832 - 1994 Golf 30p Carnoustie £0.50Add to Cart

SG1833 - 1994 Golf 41p Turnberry £0.65Add to Cart

SG1834 - 1994 Summertime 19p Lanelwedd £0.27Add to Cart

SG1835 - 1994 Summertime 25p Wimbledon £0.35Add to Cart

SG1836 - 1994 Summertime 30p Cowes £0.46Add to Cart

SG1837 - 1994 Summertime 35p Lords £0.50Add to Cart

SG1838 - 1994 Summertime 41p Braemar £0.55Add to Cart

SG1839 - 1994 Medical Discoveries 25p Ultrasonic £0.35Add to Cart

SG1840 - 1994 Medical Discoveries 30p Scanning £0.46Add to Cart

SG1841 - 1994 Medical Discoveries 35p Resonance £0.56Add to Cart

SG1842 - 1994 Medical Discoveries 41p Tanography £0.66Add to Cart

SG1843 - 1994 Christmas 19p Virgin Mary £0.27Add to Cart

SG1844 - 1994 Christmas 25p Three Wise Men £0.35Add to Cart

SG1845 - 1994 Christmas 30p Virgin and Child £0.47Add to Cart

SG1846 - 1994 Christmas 35p Shepherds £0.56Add to Cart

SG1847 - 1994 Christmas 41p Angels £0.66Add to Cart

SG1848 - 1995 Cats 19p Black Sophie £0.27Add to Cart

SG1849 - 1995 Cats 25p Siamese & Tabby £0.35Add to Cart

SG1850 - 1995 Cats 30p Ginger Chloe £0.46Add to Cart

SG1851 - 1995 Cats 35p Tortoise shell £0.56Add to Cart

SG1852 - 1995 Cats 41p Fred £0.66Add to Cart

SG1853 - 1995 Springtime 19p Dandelions £0.26Add to Cart

SG1854 - 1995 Springtime 25p Sweet Chestnut £0.35Add to Cart

SG1855 - 1995 Springtime 30p Garlic Leaves £0.46Add to Cart

SG1856 - 1995 Springtime 35p Hazel Leaves £0.57Add to Cart

SG1857 - 1995 Springtime 41p Spring Grass £0.66Add to Cart

SG1858-SG1867 1995 Greetings 'Love' 25p Booklet Pane of Ten £8.00Add to Cart

SG1868 - 1995 National Trust 19p Fireplace £0.26Add to Cart

SG1869 - 1995 National Trust 25p Oak Seedling £0.35Add to Cart

SG1870 - 1995 National Trust 30p Carved Table Leg £0.46Add to Cart

SG1871 - 1995 National Trust 35p St. Davids £0.56Add to Cart

SG1872 - 1995 National Trust 41p Elizabethan Window £0.00Add to Cart

SG1873 - 1995 Europa Peace 19p Troops £0.33Add to Cart

SG1874 - 1995 Europa Peace 19p Hand and Red Cross £0.33Add to Cart

SG1875 - 1995 Europa Peace 25p St. Pauls Cathedral £0.40Add to Cart

SG1876 - 1995 Europa Peace 25p Hand and Dove £0.42Add to Cart

SG1877 - 1995 Europa Peace 30p UN Hands £0.55Add to Cart

SG1878 - 1995 Science Fiction 25p The Time Machine £0.35Add to Cart

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